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Raspberry PI "sleep" issue - Daniel73166 - 12-03-2018

Hi all, 

IV been having issues with my raspberry PI going to "sleep", I have put sleep in quotation because the tread IV seen online say it is not a sleep function on the PI, what's happening is the Plex media app on my Samsung TV will loose connection after exzaclty 15 minutes and will only gain again if I go to my keyboard and wake the PI back up from a black screen, I have tired many many methods of solving this but none have worked, I have a raspberry PI 3B+ and I am running the most upto date version of Plexpi. Would love this to work for longer then 15 minutes.

Has anyone got any solution?

Thank you


RE: Raspberry PI "sleep" issue - Zukini - 12-13-2018

Hey Daniel,

I have a similar issue.

After about 5-10 minutes of streaming the server goes offline.

I fix this by restarting the Pi. Like yours I to go and wake up the Pi from a black screen, however, that does npt bring the connection back.

I even tried making sure the wlan0 power_save was set to OFF like that would do anything.

Server seems to be okay when not streaming but as soon as I start a stream i know I only have 10 minutes.