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CRITICAL - Socket timeout - DamageHero - 12-04-2018

Hello Smile

So I started to set up some Servers but many of them gave me Errors ( CRITICAL - Socket timeout ).

Any Idea why this could be happening?

These are Windows 2016 Servers and SNMP is activated. Also the IP is set on allowed for SNMP Packets.

Perhaps it is the SNMP Community String which is not put anywhere in NEMS? I wasn't able to find an option to write it anywhere.

[Image: g1r8bab.png]

Kinds Regards and Thanks in Advance,

RE: CRITICAL - Socket timeout - Robbie Ferguson - 12-04-2018

You'd have to add the community to the parameters for your service. -C COMMUNITYNAME as per the check_snmp syntax.

Documentation for SNMP will be written during the NEMS 1.5 release cycle.


RE: CRITICAL - Socket timeout - DamageHero - 12-05-2018

Alright  Smile

Thank you very much!

RE: CRITICAL - Socket timeout - Robbie Ferguson - 12-11-2018

My pleasure!! Enjoy.