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NEMS Configurator - ArtieUK - 01-15-2019

Having just installed NEMS, let me first congratulate you on your excellent project :-)

I have read through quite a few of the forum posts, so I understand that you're concentrating on coding and features of NEMS.

Having said that, it would really help new users if you were able to dedicate some time to the documentation.

I have been playing around with NEMS Configurator and it is a bit daunting :-)

What is the difference between 'Services' and 'Advanced Services'?

How do Hostgroups and Servicegroups relate to each other?

The 'Additional Items' and 'Advanced Items' also really could do with explanation.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Please keep up the good work :-)

RE: NEMS Configurator - Robbie Ferguson - 01-15-2019

Please read the documentation series which starts here:

It might also help to watch the latest tutorial video.

All of these resources are found on the NEMS web site under "In The News".

Good luck! (and yes, I will commit more time to documentation for NEMS when I'm not so busy with actually building it - haha!)


RE: NEMS Configurator - ArtieUK - 01-15-2019

Hi Robbie,

Many thanks for your prompt reply :-)

I will definitley check out the resources that you pointed me to.

All the best


RE: NEMS Configurator - Robbie Ferguson - 01-16-2019

Thanks, you as well, Artie.