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Saving Login Details - byzali - 01-24-2019


I'm absolutely loving PlexPi and i've had no problems with it as of yet!
I was however wondering if there was a way for PlexPi to save your login details to Plex so you won't have to login every time you turn the Pi on?

Thanks guys!

- Byzali

RE: Saving Login Details - thunder2k - 01-28-2019

You don't need to save the login details. They're used for the client. The server stores them during the setup :)

RE: Saving Login Details - jonathanhawes - 06-02-2019

My PlexPi server does not start until U enter my name and password.  I too am trying to find a way to get my PlexPi server to start up without having to log on first.

RE: Saving Login Details - thunder2k - 06-02-2019

Are you sure that's not the client you're seeing? Did you try to connect to the server with your phone without entering the credentials?