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Nems 1.5 graph not working - AAA - 03-11-2019

Hello Robert, 
1st of all let me express my thank although I think you have heard it a lot. The project is very interesting and well yes monitoring systems can be quite expensive depending on demands, well i-m using Nagios since many years and it fits my needs, especially on Rpi it can be put in an offsite shelter even outside... well however 

I was quite eager to get the new version 1.5 up and running especially because I wanted to have the graphs, but that is also my problem now they don't work and I did not figure out why.

The error msg is for the ping service for example

NO data available: host=NEMS service=Nems Curent Load db=

Need to mention that haven't made any kind of personalization to the system yet, it is just the blank install, and added a 2 Host from my Infra as test.


RE: Nems 1.5 graph not working - j.schierl - 03-12-2019

Hello AAA,

I had the same problem! In 1.5 missing the file
I've copied the appropriate file from the Nagiosgraph package and put it under /usr/bin/perl/usr/local/nagios/libexec/.

Regards Johann

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