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Use NAS storgae on PlexPi - DaGbyte - 03-15-2019

I'm not terribly handy with Linux, so please excuse my ignorance. I have a NAS drive that I have a ton of movies on. I want that to be available to Plex, but I'm not seeing any easy way to map a drive as I would with Windows. I've tried a ton of sites that talk about cifs and smb but I can't figure out how to get Plex to recognize the path.

I can open the share in file explorer and have enabled FTP on the NAS, but I'm not able to map to the FTP share via the explorer. Not sure if I am missing something - probably am.

Any help is much appreciated!


RE: Use NAS storgae on PlexPi - thunder2k - 03-24-2019

Please check my post here, I did exactly what you need

RE: Use NAS storgae on PlexPi - DaGbyte - 03-25-2019

Actually, I'm using an older Buffalo NAS that uses SMB 1. I had to add -vers=1.0 to the line and that worked.