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Plugins on Nagios? - witchking86 - 03-18-2019

Robbie, is there a way to utilize plugins for nagios in NEMS? Thanks

RE: Plugins on Nagios? - Robbie Ferguson - 03-18-2019

Hi witchking86,
Simply post a link to the plugin with a brief description in the Feature Requests thread. If approved, I will port it to NEMS and include it in a future build.

RE: Plugins on Nagios? - mbaldari - 07-22-2019


I was also interested about plugins.
For example I loaded the check_cpu plugin into the NEMS directory:

And I used it from terminal.
Is there a way to add these new scripts inside the NConf dropdown menu?

Thank you

RE: Plugins on Nagios? - hornjt - 02-21-2020

Has an answer ever been given for this? I have the same question. I would like to add the Check_snmp_printer plugin to check my HP printer and have not been able to figure out how to.

RE: Plugins on Nagios? - koahli - 03-25-2020

I have a similar problem. I wanted to integrate a plugin for the monitoring of a ds18b20 sensor (
Because I didn´t manage it to get the Plugin in the dropdown menue in NConf, I looked for a workaround. So I manually added the following to see the result of the plugin in NagiosCore.

add new command in

define command {
        command_name    check_temp
        command_line    /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -t 30 -c $ARG2$ -C $ARG3$ -w $ARG4$ -W $ARG5$ $ARG1$

add new service in

define service {
                    service_description                   DS18B20 Temperature
                    check_command                         check_temp!28-000005d2702f!12!30!16!25
                    host_name                             NEMS
                    check_period                          24x7
                    notification_period                   24x7
                    contact_groups                        +admins
                    max_check_attempts                    10
                    check_interval                        1
                    retry_interval                        1
                    first_notification_delay              1
                    notification_interval                 0
                    notification_options                  w,c,r
                    event_handler_enabled                 0

The problem now is that I receive the follwoing status information:
(No output on stdout) stderr: Usage: [options] <sensorID>

Can someone please help me?