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nrpe linux monitoring ssl issue - george-dudman - 03-20-2019

Hi there, 
Starting off with info..
Version 1.5
Build 7

In cockpit -> logs , seeing error: Could not complete ssl handshake with 192.168.x.x: rc=-1 SSL-error=5.
Have installed the nrpe server on the linux server as the Docs showed.. "apt-get install nagios-nrpe-server nagios-plugins" and changed allow hosts etc..
Could this be a compile issue with the install of nrpe? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this issue



RE: nrpe linux monitoring ssl issue - Robbie Ferguson - 04-01-2019

Hi George,
The docs are a bit out of date for NRPE at this point (since 1.5 is so many miles ahead of 1.3) - but did you follow ?

I want to know if the docs are no longer true so I can look into fixing them. Unfortunatley I personally am very much focused on the builds until they're all done, so let me & the community know.

RE: nrpe linux monitoring ssl issue - george-dudman - 04-02-2019

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for the reply! 
Yes i followed the documentation to a T yielding no results.. (can confirm ports are open and accessible from nems)
Reading up online there are some suggestions that you have to install it from source, otherwise it will compile with the "no-ssl" function.
In adagios seeing connection reset and connection reset by peer on the machine in question.
That is all I could find on the matter.. hope that may help someone investigate further.