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BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Robbie Ferguson - 05-03-2012

Where my homies at?

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - pyrosrockthisworld - 05-03-2012

hiding and not wanting to be associated with people that use such lingo

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Garbee - 05-03-2012

Coding a site and getting 1 million keys.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Robbie Ferguson - 05-04-2012

You show off! Wink Keep in mind, you started WhatPulse a bit before me. I'm watching for that week when you take a vacation, and I'm going to use that week to write my book.


RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Garbee - 05-04-2012

A day before you.... And you click too much. Use the keyboard to navigate and you will rake in some keys quick. Like Ctrl + S to save, Winkey and typing to open the start menu and open a program (Windows only, needs some extra tools to get working in Linux because it has issues), having massive passwords can easily get you over a dozen characters, and so on. So, there are plenty of ways to rake up keystrokes without thinking, you just sacrifice mouse usage which isn't really a bad thing.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - cyberSmurf - 05-05-2012

(05-03-2012, 09:35 AM)Robbie Ferguson Wrote: Where my homies at?

Doubtful I qualify as a 'homie' :-). My work has really picked up recently which has kept me buried but I hope to be around more starting mid-May.

Like Garbee, I have a big bias for the keyboard over mouse. Love those keyboard shortcuts, macros, keyboard mappings etc. Have no clue how many keystrokes I type and that's an interesting question, but I'm leery of anything even remotely associated with keyboard logging.

That's just me.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Robbie Ferguson - 05-05-2012

I'm working on establishing a nervous tick where I tap-tap-tap the ctrl key repeatedly while I think.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Robbie Ferguson - 05-05-2012

Just for the record, WhatPulse tracks how many times each key is pressed, but not the sequence.

So if I type the word "evasive", it simply appends numbers to the log:
2x E, 2x V, 1x A, 1x S, 1x I

And because you Pulse on your own schedule, there's no way for them to turn that into a legible sentence.

"Evasive Super Power" = 4x E, 2x V, 1x A, 2x S, 1x I, 1x U, 2x P, 1x O, 1x W, 2x R.

If you type more than 3 words per pulse (a pulse might be a few hours, or you can set it to every 1000 characters), there's no way you could ever "read" what was typed.

It's a per-key click counter, not a traditional keylogger which counts not the click count, but the actual letters, in sequence (as in, the words typed).

WhatPulse may tell you that you pressed E 400 times, but that doesn't help someone figure out your password or banking info you typed in.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - Garbee - 05-05-2012

I think people just are too paranoid about anything that looks at keystrokes, even though I don't think they realize they are using an OS that they didn't build... So can someone please explain that logic to me? Not trust software that tells you it is tracking keystrokes vs using an OS where you don't know how it runs which could be tracking every possible movement you ever make? If so, thanks in advance.

RE: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump! - pyrosrockthisworld - 05-06-2012

yep i think that when people ask about what pulse it must be referred to a key counter not logger to keep the horrible steal my info thoughts away