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Monitoring VPSs Metrics using NEMS - solominer - 06-03-2019

Hello, I have not downloaded or installed NEMS yet but did watch the Youtube video from late 2018 showing how to set it up. I did not see any mention how how to set up on the client side to monitor resources and services of a VPS. And in the documentation for NEMS I see there is nothing mentioned how to set up a host.

What I am looking to do is monitor about 5 Virtual Private servers on different providers around the internet. Checking their memory usage, service status's and other important details for keeping a VPS up and running. They all run Ubuntu so I am curious if NEMS supports monitoring of such. Watching the video it seems it just watches for a loss of ping with a server and notifies based on that. I was looking for more, making sure my system does not run out of memory, or disk space or to see how PM2 is handling processes. A big bonus would be a country of origin page that shows what IPs from other countries connected with my servers since I host images and videos for social media.

So NEMS would use a Nagios client installed on each Virtual Private Server to get such telemetry? The host part is confusing me on how NEMS supports monitoring of external servers out on the internet.