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Firewall Configuration NEMS OVA - Michielc - 08-17-2019

Good morning,
  • Platform: OVA

  • NEMS Linux version 1.5

  • NEMS Build number ? (Didn't find this...)
Ova template was the latest build

After reinstalling and still getting the same error i thought i would ask it here.

So my current issue is when browsing to my nems portal it taks a couple of minutes before i see te page and when it is loaded there is the following message:

Warning: NEMS can't connect to the update servers. Please make sure Internet is configured for your NEMS server and that is not being blocked by your firewall/proxy.

Now i checked our firewall monitor and there are no blocks detected except for broadcast ( i need to look in that later )

When i use ssh and run "nems-upgrade" it runs perfectly even the github download...

Does anyone have an idea of what i am missing here and is the slow loading of the page related to the warning?

Thanks in advance.