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VNC - phillipguy - 06-06-2012

Hey Robbie, by chance did you ever have an episode on setting up a VNC on Ubuntu?
If not do you know of some good guides or references so I can learn?

I plan on doing a lot of traveling overseas in a couple of months and I'm just going to take my android tablet so I was hoping to setup a vnc to access my home computer.

Thanks for all you do!

RE: VNC - Robbie Ferguson - 06-08-2012

Hey Philip,
Since VNC is a non-secure connection, it would require a VPN in order to be something I'd recommend when traveling. Depending on how easy/hard it is to configure a VPN on your particular tablet would determine whether I'd go that route or not.

You might instead consider going with a service which provides an agent on your desktop and a client on your tablet. If I knew more about both your computer and tablet (platform / operating system), I could perhaps make some suggestions.

But with VNC, you'd need a VPN first, otherwise you run the risk of someone intercepting anything you do during the VNC session.

RE: VNC - phillipguy - 06-08-2012

Oh I see. Yup I am very much a newbie on this lol
Is it possible for me to practice using a VPN/VNC using virtualbox? Like maybe access my Ubuntu host system via an Ubuntu guest Virtual Box System?

I have an Acer Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 x64
Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10Ghz (dualcore hyperthreaded)
4GB Ram; Intel HD Graphics

I have the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0in which runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
1GHz Dual-Core Processor; 1GB RAM

RE: VNC - tordeu - 08-07-2012

That should work. But you also have to take into account that if you have a dynamic IP address, you need some mechanism to get your IP address while you are traveling, because otherwise you can not log in. (something like, if that still exists or something similar; or a homemade solution if you have a server with a static IP). I don't know if you were aware of that, so I just thought I throw that in there (or for others who might come by)

Also, do you need to have GUI access to your PC or do you just want to transfer files back or forth etc.? Because then SSH might be another alternative, which also gives you security as a free bonus.