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no network after update/upgrade/quickfix - - 10-07-2019

Hi there

my NEMS has all been up and running for 6 months prior however I now seem to have an issue with my nems configuration after performing nems-update, nems-upgrade, nems-quickfix.
My intent was to just 'stay up to date'

The issue is NEMS is no longer connecting to the network as it did before.

nems-info ip reports....

'Command line is not complete. Try option help'

Hardware is RPI3b connected directly to router by ethernet cable.
NEMS version 1.5.

The upgrade process took a long time with lots of cryptic ticks and dots, which looked like a compilation.
The other thing I noticed was some messages about 'network manager' migration?

I can log in with a local keyboard and monitor and navigate round the command line but I don't really want to break my existing configuration so have been tentative in trying anything I would normally do with a straight Raspbian image.

Does anyone have any pointers for me?


RE: no network after update/upgrade/quickfix - - 10-07-2019

Please ignore my post above.
It seems my ethernet hub has been playing up.
All OK now.