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VHD installation issue. - lowbug - 11-22-2019


I am very new to NEMS. I have downloaded and imported the VHD and ran through the init. However, I don't appear to have network access?
It is like the image isn't detecting the network card correctly?

When I first log into on the command line. I get

Command Line is not complete. Try option Help
          while executing
"exec -- /usr/local/bin/nems-info ip"
    invoked from within
"set nemsip [exec -- /usr/local/bin/nems-info  ip]
      (file "/etc/motd.tcl" line 33)

I have a hyperV network card assigned to the correct virtual switch etc? Please help  Sad Confused

RE: VHD installation issue. - lowbug - 11-22-2019

I think I sorted it. I had to vi the interfaces file and then restart the network services.