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Is this project dead? - dammitgabe - 02-01-2020

I've been wanting to turn my pi into a plex server for a while, just got around to it and was hopeful for this project. Having some issues but when I came to this thread to discuss it seems like most of the posts are spam that no one is taking care of. Is anyone actually monitoring this? Have the developers given up on the project?

RE: Is this project dead? - jonathanhawes - 05-29-2020

I have not seen ANY activity in either the forums, or online. It seems once they got the project working, they were done with it. The image download links still work, and I now have that image burned to two RPis, one for the house, and one for our RV. Both work great.

Good luck, and have fun!

RE: Is this project dead? - Robbie Ferguson - 06-05-2020

Hi all. PlexPi is not dead. Just not actively developed yet. I released the first test and it went well. If there is demand for an active release cycle (which I feel there is) I will transition PlexPi to a full-out distro and start development on a full release with regular updates. My focus has simply been very heavily on NEMS Linux, and I've been chewing on how to get PlexPi into full development as well. Interested?

RE: Is this project dead? - Spry - 12-01-2020

Any news on a new release of Plexpi? Its been working great for years but messages from Plex recently seem to indicate that if the server version isn't upgraded it won't work much longer?