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Who will be the next Dr. Who? - Robbie Ferguson - 07-05-2017

We talked about it on Episode 511! Dr. Who Season 10 is over, with a "wrap up" episode booked for the Christmas special.

We know Peter Capaldi is leaving the show, so it was a big tease when they called the final episode "The Doctor Falls" and then didn't end it! We need to know!

When Peter Capaldi's Doctor actually "falls" and regenerates, which actor do you think/hope he'll become?

Me? I actually think Kris Marshall would be an incredible Doctor. I loved him as Nick in My Family, and loved him again as D.I. Goodman in Death in Paradise, but we were surprised when he (who really looked like he had landed the role of a lifetime with D.I. Goodman) left the show... so what would he leave Death in Paradise for? A bigger role. And what role is the biggest role a British actor could ever hope to play? Yeah... you follow me.

Kris is just the right mix of quirky and deadpan. He played both well, so he'd pull it off mixing the two into the 13th Doctor.

RE: Who will be the next Dr. Who? - Robbie Ferguson - 07-17-2017

Well, perhaps a little disappointed: my theory / hope was way off.

Jodie Whittaker, someone I have never heard of, is the new Doctor. I'm actually surprised they announced it. I was expecting it to be a surprise at regeneration, and probably would have preferred it to be revealed that way (much more exciting).

They have high praise for this actress, so I'm confident it's going to be awesome. It'll sure be neat to see how a woman portrays the Doctor (who has only ever been played by men, and is a traditionally masculine character).

Can't wait for Season 11!

What do YOU think?

RE: Who will be the next Dr. Who? - bigkitty - 08-10-2017

is it mr been

RE: Who will be the next Dr. Who? - Robbie Ferguson - 08-18-2017

"Not that I know of" - Mr. Bean.

Big Grin

RE: Who will be the next Dr. Who? - Marshman - 11-03-2018

Dr What?