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NEMS for Pi - Digithead - 08-19-2017

I've been in the computer field for about 30 years now but just somewhat recently got into these Raspberry Pi devices. While "inventing" uses for one that friend had gotten for me to tinker with I stumbled across Robbie's blog about a "NEMS for Pi" and decided to give it go. It turned out to be ridiculously easy to get it up and running and after a very short time of fooling with it, I had it monitoring both of my Active Directory server, my firewall, backbone switch and two Ubuntu servers. That was the 1.1 version of NEMS.

Yesterday (8-18-2017) I decided to give upgrading it whirl to see how it went. Most of my time was spent just waiting for the 1.2.1 image to download, run it's little processes and then waiting for the on-line upgrade to the 1.2.2 version to download and install. After all of that, I simply restored my original configuration from the flash drive I had stored it on and *POOF*! Back up and running again.   Big Grin 

I have to admit... that if you'd have held a gun to my head, I likely could not have come up with monitoring device as sophisticated as this one is. While I'm still messing around with it to see what else I can do with it... it sits here in my "Server Room" at home keeping an eye on everything inside my network as well as the public-facing interfaces of the three sites I manage for the company where I'm employed.

Great work Robbie! Just excellent! Thank you!

RE: NEMS for Pi - Robbie Ferguson - 09-07-2017

That's fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.