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Multitasking with Vivaldi - Nicd - 09-01-2017

[Image: ptqn.png]

This is how I usually view Cat5 when I'm doing something else. Because of timezones I never get to watch the live broadcast, but I see them later on YouTube.

The browser is Vivaldi and I love how configurable it is. Splitting windows is very useful for Cat5 and similar usage!

RE: Multitasking with Vivaldi - Robbie Ferguson - 09-17-2017

Hey - now THAT is cool! I'm going to have to check this out! I guess you'd want to have a pretty decent sized monitor, but I love the idea, as opposed to tabs!

Looks awesome, would also be GREAT for live viewing with the chat room as well.

RE: Multitasking with Vivaldi - Nicd - 09-18-2017

I've used this on my 15.4" laptop (where the screenshot is from), so I think it would work on any screen bigger than that just fine. :)