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noobie basic question

Hello, I'm new to Raspberry Pi and PlexPi. I've been using Plex with media server on laptop for years, trying to switch to Media Server on Raspberry Pi. I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 and PlexPi 1.3. I flashed PlexPi to the SDCard successfully, loaded it into RaspberryPi. 

When I power up it starts to open Plex then says "Plex is down for maintenance - Don't worry it will be back soon". I assume this might be happening because Im not yet connected to the internet. However, I can't get out of that screen. I'm sure there's a simple answer that everyone knows, but I'm lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ALT+F4 takes you to the desktop
Seconded! Alt+F4 does the trick.
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