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New Guy With Questions!

So I just configured my Pi3 with Nems Linux to monitor a few things on my home network. 

I have a Ring video doorbell that has been causing me some issues and their support defaults to blaming my Wifi or ISP connectivity, both of which are most likely not the culprit. 

So I've setup a 1 minute interval ping to both my Ring device and another out to Google so I can have logs that the device is online and has internet access.   

Ring hosts their servers in AWS, I was trying to think of a clever way to monitor that traffic but not sure if there is any feasible way... Would love to hear other wise from any of you.

Any suggestions if there is something beyond just these pings that would be better than what I'm doing here?

Also, is there any way to access my Nems Linux Nagios Core and related pages when I'm not on my home network?    Thinking that if I was away and got some email alerts I setup, I'd like  a way to log in and investigate or acknowledge them.  

Thanks in advance!
Hi Jerryac,
The ping to your Ring device will tell you if it has lost connection. From your question, it sounds like you're interested in seeing the actual packets that the Ring is communicating through your network. That sounds more like something you'd have in your router (unrelated to NEMS Linux). Perhaps upgrade your router to a MikroTik, or see if there's a firmware you can upgrade your current router to allow viewing packet flow. Otherwise, you'd have to set something up like a proxy to be able to monitor the traffic.

Yes, you can access your NEMS server from outside your LAN if you like. Again, this is done from your router (not to do with NEMS). You just need to open the ports you want and point them to your NEMS server.

Let me know if you're not sure how to do this, though if that is the case I would hesitate to proceed until you feel confident you understand network security. Also, make sure you have a very strong password for your NEMS user and I'd suggest against opening ports that you don't specifically need (eg., do not open 21 or 9090, but do open 80, 443).

Good luck. Have fun!

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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