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Disk space

Hi guys,
I'm not a super expert as I bought my pi only last week but I'll try to help since I've been through these things before:

(03-18-2018, 06:32 PM)steve_taylor15@hotmail.com Wrote: its odd as its an out of the box Pi 3 with 16GB SD card and yet after download of the file I have 5.2GB space unused but the extract uses all this up (when it seems to be a 2GB file).  I read that Rasparian only takes up 2GB space so I'm not sure where all the space is being used.

Did you format the SD card first? These are the steps I took:
1) Backup the existing out of the box SD card image with Win32DiskImager
2) Format the SD Card with SD Formatter from SD Association. There are few partitions on the SD Card, make sure you select the biggest one so everything is erased
3) Flash the PlexPi image with Win32DiskImager

(03-23-2018, 11:31 AM)sub7 Wrote: have the same problem. i use a 32GB Samsung EVO sdcard. the plexpi see only 6GB :@

After you have your PlexPi up and running, if it doesn't see all the available space you can do the following:
1) ssh to the pi using
username: pi
password: plexpi1
2) run the following command:
sudo raspi-config

3) from the menu that opens find the entry Expand File System (could be in one of the sub menu like ADVANCED OPTIONS)
4) Reboot

Hope this helps

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