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My story and a couple of questions about Backups/Updates

Firstly Robbie I want to add thanks to making this build, its an amazing project and you have made it even better!

I ran my Plex Library from an old iMac for a couple of years wasting a lot of power so decided to get an old NAS that could run Plex, then realised it didn't support the latest Plex updates I was disappointed so I dived into setting up a Pi with Plex whilst storing the media data on the NAS, your video with Geoff really helped me out on Christmas day and after a long session of setting up the meta data I had a library again.

I have messed a few times and killed my library so its been good to have a backup img file of my libraries but the problem is the size of the files and MacOS are tricky to backup and flash. I discovered a great little app called Etcher and decided to try your new PlexPi image and it flashes fantastic, but when i back my image up Etcher doesn't let me flash it.

So what I am asking is what application/process did you use to backup your Pi build to the img file? I would like to retain a backup of the library database which is easy enough to use Etcher to reflash if needed.

And in regards to updates how will these work with existing builds? I have been ok running the get-apt updates for the standard build but I really hope I can get all your additional functionality when you release new versions.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work  Cool


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My story and a couple of questions about Backups/Updates - by sjlockley - 04-06-2018, 02:12 PM
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