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Running from an external drive

Hey there, pi noob here! Big Grin

I'm just wandering what the easiest way to get plexpi running from a hard drive is?

I've had a google and tried a few different ways today but none of them seem to get it working or it just comes up with an issue, so far the furthest I've manage to get is plex installed on raspbian all running off the hard drive but can't access plex for some reason just comes up with "This site can't be reached refused to connect." i ran nmap and it says port 32400 is closed? i know its the right IP as it's the same one I used to SSH.

any help would be greatly appreciated! 
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Running from an external drive - by FunkyMonkey - 04-06-2018, 02:23 PM
RE: Running from an external drive - by Robbie Ferguson - 04-06-2018, 03:19 PM
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