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Monitoring Setup Help

Hi All,

Novice questions inbound!

I've come from a PRTG installation for monitoring my home network to NEMS. Reason being is the PRTG monitor is installed on a Hyper-V guest machine on my main computer which I turn off when not in use due to power consumption, NEMS seems to make more sense due to the RPi size and power consumption.

Right, I'm completely new to NEMS and Nagios itself, I've some knowledge of Linux but non for this type of software Sad. I've had a gander through the NEMS installation but it's all very confusing.

Is there any documentation out there I can read up on to set up the NEMS installation to monitor devices on my network? I'm mainly looking for Ping for up time, anything else would be a plus.

If this is the wrong place to post for help my apologies.

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