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WMI Scripts

Hi there. New user, and am learning as fast as I can, but I've run into a snag. 

Running the latest version of NEMS, and when I try to use the check_wmi_plus.pl scripts that are included with NEMS, I've been getting errors.

1) I had to install the datetime.pm Perl module, as I was getting errors.
2) I had to change the directory in the check_wmi_plus.pl file itself where it was looking for utils.pm (to /usr/local/nagios/libexec.

Once those were done, the scripts ran, but with a warning that it couldn't get any WMI information due to a bad user/pass or not enough system privs. I went to shell and ran the script manually (typing in hostname, user and pass) and it works, and I've manually made some checkcommands with the information hard-coded, rather than pulling the ARGs from somewhere, and it works, but I'd really rather be using ARGs that can be defined in the interface (in case I have to change passwords and such).

Are these known bugs, or am I missing a step somewhere? 

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