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Remote DB?

In building NEMS Linux, this was also a concern of mine, which I've been addressing more and more with every major release.

As of current, NEMS utilizes temporary storage in ZRAM (compressed space within your RAM modules) to reduce wear-and-tear on SD Cards. It goes without saying therefore that SBCs with more RAM will outperform and outlast those with less. I prefer boards with 2-4 GB RAM (eg., ODROID XU4 or the PINE64 lineup).

NEMS also provides a full backup for you should your card expire, and I suggest automating the storage of that backup.

If you sign up for NEMS Cloud Services you will also receive off-site backup and restore functionality, plus NEMS will even notify you if your server stops responding (ie., SD card dies).

NEMS 1.6 will introduce external storage options, including NAS, SSD, etc. but that's probably 6 months off (or so).

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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