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Monitor Windows Server Reboots

Let me just start by saying NEMS is a entirely new concept to me. So far I am monitoring a few servers with the NScleint and it seems to be doing well for the default monitors Disk, Mem, Uptime.  I have alerts working...all is well so far.  I see that there is a check command for event_reboot_win.  I am correct in thinking that I could get an alert when a server gets rebooted?  I have tried to find some documentation on how to enable that check but have not had any success. Is that check part of WMI?

Thanks for any help!

Edit I did a little poking arround and was able to add the check to a host, but I get an error of  (No output on stdout) stderr: sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified
Any idead on what I need to do?
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