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Audio lags behind video

Hey Marvelous,
Wirecast does a lot of processing to make your feed work, and to enable camera switching, but you're actually pushing all your audio through a camera as well, which means sync may be out for devices such as your webcam, especially during transitions, because the audio is synced to the other camera instead of Wirecast overall.

My suggestion would be to stop putting any audio through your camera. Disable it (or mute it, lower the volume to the lowest in the camera's scene) in Wirecast, and use your Line-In for audio coming off the board (add it to the scene). This will allow Wirecast to entirely use the cameras as video sources only, and the audio card as the audio source. I think you'll find you'll be getting much better sync at that point.

Give it a try and post back here so we can help further.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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