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check_rpi_temperature / nconf / missing critical temperature

Hi All
For those of you that still want to monitor your raspberry pi(s) temperature I will share how i have done this.
Step 1:
navigate to the Nems NConf and go to the 'Checkcommands' ( this is under the additional Items section ) and select show

and look for the 'check_rpi_temperature' command and select edit.
Change the amount of params from 1 to 2 then select Submit

Step 2:
Go to services and add a new service.
Now we want to use the check command we just edited , select 'check_rpi_temperature' from the drop down list.

and then go down to the bottom and add the two values for ARG1 and ARG2 and then select submit.
*Note* ARG1 will be the Warning Temperature and ARG2 will be the Critical Temperature.

For me I add a value of 65 for ARG1 and a value of 75 for ARG2

To test if this works change value of ARG1 to a lower value, submit a check or wait and then change the value back to original value and submit a check.
Repeat this process for ARG2
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