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check_rpi_temperature / nconf / missing critical temperature

Hi mgl1976,
Thanks for your patience. Been very busy with NEMS 1.4 development + getting things ready for Christmas season (eg., shopping for my kids - haha!)

One of the things I really will be working hard on in the next while is documentation for each check command. You'll notice in the docs I've already setup a spot for it, I just haven't gotten very far with writing them yet.

I'll make this one my priority and will try to document the feature as soon as I can. I also see from your message that perhaps there is something wrong with the check command itself, and I won't rule out that maybe there is - but will do some testing on my end with NEMS 1.3 and push out any fix if necessary.

Watch this page: https://docs.nemslinux.com/check_command...emperature

I will do my best to write the documentation for check_rpi_temperature as soon as possible (may be a week or two). I will also test it more thoroughly on my end just in case there is a bug.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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