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PlexPi & Wifi

I ran into the same problem. Lan is not an option for me on my TV/Raspberry pi setup. Very very frustrating that plex reopens even after i force close the plex server in task manager. 

Anyhow Newbee, what i had to do was Ctrl/alt/del, which brings up the task manager, I finally figured out that if you right click on chromium's top memory user in the list...."terminate" NOT kill the process and it allows the desktop to be shown to allow wifi to be edited. once you lock in your wifi password, reboot or power cycle your pi. Wifi works. I was not able to stream anything while plex was getting all the meta data from the web for my library, but after it was done with that i was able to stream to 1 device without any problem. 

Thanks for the build. Plex is working great. It would be nice if plex recognizes if internet is available or not, and opens up a dialog for you to enter a wifi password or investigate why internet is not there through lan.
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