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Internal SD Card for Library

Thanks, Robbie.

I'm in the process of copying the files to my SD card now.

I actually have a couple of NAS servers sitting around and one thing I really like about the Pi is that there is no fan noise and it's eco-friendly with 5 - 10 Watt power draw etc.  I also have another Volumio server running now with a HiFi Berry DAC+ and am comparing the two.  

Though I see you did a show on Volumio some time back, I never really found a compreshensive comparison between the many Pi media server options - Plex, Kodi, Volumio, etc. so I'm trying them out one at a time to see which works for me.

Regarding the memory card, considering the fact that I probably use my media server a couple of hours a week - max - and the fact that I have my music library copied to several extra  thumb drives (and duped on the Volumio server as well) I'll take my chances on a memory card biting the dust 10 years from now.  They'll probably be giving 128 gig cards away for free with a pack of bubble gum by then.

On a larger note, I have to say, it's been really fun getting my feet wet again with the PI.  It's been decades since I last  used Unix (didn't particularly miss it, frankly) and I'm just amazed at what a great little tool the Pi is.  

When I was a kid, we begged and pleaded to get a little time on a mainframe based timesharing system.   That seemed like magic.  That ultimately lead me to get a degree in Computer Science.   Now, to see that virtually anyone can have a powerful and fully functional little PI on their desk for $100 is mind boggling to me.   Ah, to he a bright-eyed 14 year old again!

Keep up the good work.
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