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WMI Scripts

Oh I'm not manually editing CFG files - I just created Checkcommands with the credentials hardcoded into the command line.

I did have my admin creds in the NSST, however I discovered that it was my password itself that was causing the problem as it contains a bang (!) that broke the command. I'm going to go back and put the ARGS back in place and see if they work.

I will admit to adding something (check_vmare_hardware.py) - I know it'll get killed on update, but if you could add that to your list of things to put in upcoming versions, it would be very helpful for those of us who need to make sure that an ESXi host's hardware isn't reporting problems :)

Amazing product, I've ordered 13 RPi B+'s, will be upping my Patreon once I get my ideal monitoring network in place.
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