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Email notifications - gmail

If anyone has notifications working with gmail - could you please forward me your settings? Notify-host-by-email string, server settings, port, tls settings etc. I don;t think there is anything in there that would need to be redacted.

I cannot quite seem to get this going. I had it working in 1.2x, and I think some combination of imported settings from that and changes to the system in 1.3 have crosssed me up. It is really really close, but not quite there.


I probably should have been more specific.

I can get the nems email test to work, and i can build an sendemail command line that works, but nothing out of nagios. 

Ok, you can poke at it for a week, and find it an hour after you post on it.

When i use the nagios system settings tool, I end up with a resource.cfg that does not have a $USER2$ macro/variable defined. Email don;t go.

If I manually edit the file, and put that in (with no value) things work.

If I touch it with the tool again, I loose it.

Are you saying there's a bug in NEMS SST with the creation of the resource.cfg file?

Please clarify.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Sorry, I could have sworn I replied to this - but I guess not. Or I forgot to hit "post" or something.

Well, maybe a bug. A curiosity for certain.

If I use the Nems Systems Settings tool,  I end up with a resource.cfg that does not have a $USER2$ macro/variable defined.

If I go in and edit it, and  manually define one (no particular value), and make sure all the lines have some value (even null) assigned, then everything works. When I use the SST again, it strips out user2 and I have issues again.

I'm not familiar enough with Nagios to know if all the variables are supposed to be defined - even with null values or not, or if the absence of one should be an issue. It is however perfectly reproducible for me.

I stuck the variable in there, and stay away from SST and everything has been working for a week or two now. So no urgency, a good workaround in place.

Ah, okay I see. That's not good.

Are you just setting $user2$ to an empty string, or actually entering a value (when it works)?

I think NEMS SST is making the assumption, since user2 is not used that it is not needed. Perhaps Nagios doesn't like that it's missing, even if it's not needed.

Let me know what you're setting it to please.

Thanks  Smile
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
At the moment i made sure all the variables had arbitrary values in them used or not. That was at the end of some protracted troubleshooting. I can go back and see if null works also.

I think there must be a bit more to it than an unused variable, as a number of the other variables are also unused, and are present in the file with null (empty) values.

Let me dig around, i think i recall some syslog entries complaining about missing variables or null values in this file, after a hup. That got me looking here in the first place.

Okay Jim, thanks. I added $user2$ as a null value to NEMS SST so try saving with NEMS SST again. If it works... great. If not, I'll give a value to $user2$ as needed.

Lemme know.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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