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Upgrading to NEMS 1.3: some hiccups


I've finally come to upgrading my NEMS to 1.3.
Installed the image on a new card and booted.

As I don't use a standard US keyboard, the first hurdle I had to take was to enter the nemsadmin user and password nemsadmin with the keys not representing what they said they were...
After managing to login, the first thing I did was to run raspi-config to change the keyboard layout.

Restoring my backup went without errors but when I looked at Nagios Core, I could see no hosts apart from NEMS itself. The hosts did show up in Nconf though. After a reboot everything was OK in Nagios Core, but then there were no graphs in Monitorix (broken links). Another reboot took care of that.

Using NEMS SST I entered the required data.
When running nems-mailtest perl complained: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
It appeared that even though the locale were set correctly, the were not actually installed. Back to rasp-config then to install my locale.

Running nems-mailtest again, resulted in : nems sendemail[32482]: ERROR => Timeout while connecting to smtp.gmail.com:25
It took me a while before I saw the obvious: trying to connect to port 25 (which is the default in NEMS SST!). Changing the port to 587 took care of that and the test succeeded.

Looking in /var/log/sendemail however showed:  nems sendemail[2282]: ERROR => You must specify a 'from' field!  Try --help.
This is also reported by another user.
Finally I wanted to try the new monit Service Monitor:  Unable to connect to port 2812.
Is this service started automatically or does it have to be enabled somehow? Running nmap on the NEMS server shows nothing on port 2812.


Edit: I almost forgot: As I want to have the NEMS server a fixed IP address and my ISP does not allow me to fiddle with their router/dhcp server, I used Webmin to set a static IP address, which does not work until one has denyinterfaces eth0 in /etc/dhcpcd.conf. This trick is buried somewhere here in the forum. It would be convenient if this was mentioned in the documentation.
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