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"Notifications for this service have been disabled" ?

One negative caveat to making something like NEMS so easy is that people with little Nagios experience/knowledge will be trying to get things to work for their purposes too. I'd be one of those types of people.

I've added only a single (external) host to attempt to test out how to get certain things working. In adding the host via NConf and generating and applying the config, everything seems OK with no errors. After checking on the added host through NagVis (as well as the default installed host) I'm noticing that the SSH and HTTP services are disabled from sending notifications. As far as I can tell I've enabled notifications on my added host. I also made sure to update the admin user with a valid email address, and successfully tested the email settings via the shell command test.

I do see other topics discussing email notifications not working, but I'd imagine they've already checked other areas of the interface to verify there are no defined symptoms like I'm seeing here.

NEMS version 1.3

My added host config:

define host {
               host_name                             saratogareads.org
               address                               saratogareads.org
               max_check_attempts                    5
               check_interval                        15
               retry_interval                        1
               first_notification_delay              0
               notification_interval                 15
               notification_options                  d,u,r
               active_checks_enabled                 1
               passive_checks_enabled                0
               notifications_enabled                 1
               check_freshness                       0
               icon_image_alt                        Linux
               icon_image                            base/linux40.gif
               statusmap_image                       base/linux40.gd2
               check_command                         check-host-alive
               check_period                          24x7
               notification_period                   24x7
               contact_groups                        +admins
               use                                   linux-server

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what I might've missed?

A more general Nagios question:
By default in these service groups it's checking SSH/SWAP etc, but it's checking localhost (NEMS). Could someone point me to the documentation on how to go about checking an external host's processes? I'm assuming I'd have to write some of my own bash scripts (or find pre-existing ones).


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For those of you with the inability to receive notifications (the currently known bug), are you noticing similar settings in your instances?
Hi BrendonKoz,
Thanks for checking in.
Sounds like you're an old-school Nagios user? With NEMS, you cannot edit the configs manually. Everything is stored in MariaDB and is modified using a browser-based front-end.
You use NEMS NConf (on the NEMS navigation menu) to configure your hosts and services and so-on.
Once you start using NEMS NConf, let me know if you're still having any trouble.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Hi Robbie, sorry to bother you, was hoping another user would respond because I'm a Nagios pre-newbie. First exposure to Nagios on a running device is NEMS.

All configuration done thus far has been with NConf (which I understand you've customized specifically for use with the NEMS build and to not modify the system files manually). I quoted the textual version of the host config as it's easier than showing an image of the config (though I did that too). After configuring with NConf, I then generated the config and applied, and no errors were reported. Email settings are set in SST and successfully tested via the command line per the documentation/instructions. It could be related to the known bug, but no one else has mentioned the icon/setting in the GUI (see attached screenshots) that I have, so I'm not 100% sure. I've enabled debugging in `/etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg` for Host/service checks, OR Notifications. In `/var/log/nagios3/nagios.log` and/or in the recent files in ./archives/ I see lines relating to the email notifications, but no errors like others:
[1516649273] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: admin;saratogareads.org;PING;WARNING;notify-service-by-email;PING WARNING - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 118.77 ms

I'm thinking something in my config is to blame, but considering how few places there are to set (that I saw) I'm not sure what I missed.

I'm at the first steps of configuring Nagios on NEMS with email notifications on a single external host, and got stuck, haven't moved forward with any additional configuration.

If anyone has a recommendation on a beginners' walkthrough of Nagios (that wouldn't counteract the NConf setup with NEMS) I'd love to not (potentially) waste others' time with any future questions!

Thank you, to anyone, for any possible response(s). Nagios is powerful and useful, it'd be great to be able to be part of the active users. :)
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