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Does anyone have notifications working?


Im running the latest stable release for nems but not having any success with setting up any of the offered methods for notifications. Tested telegram, email w gmail tls flag in sendemail script. I keep on getting the expected value after -s is invalid and also that there should be a to sender. Ive looked through this config thoroughly and not seeing any incorrectly set.

I can send emails fine using the nems email tested via port 587. But no luck w service or host alerts. Looking to see if anyone can share a working config for any method supported for alerts.

There is a known issue as per http://forum.category5.tv/thread-119.html

Patch is being worked on. Thanks for your patience, and please hang tight while I work it out.

I will update the above-listed thread, as well as the changelog for 1.3, as soon as the patch is rolled out.
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