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nagios user authorization problems

I have yet to explore Check_MK, just too busy with other things i suppose.  And since Nagios Core is how I have been performing these functions for the past four years, I will probably go ahead and make the change to allow it to keep working that way for now.

Since I have two of these units, once the one I just re-flashed is fully configured and tested, I will go ahead and re-flash the other to correct the original problem and then leave it set so I can explore the use of Check_MK and NaGVis when I have the time.   I am certainly not opposed to using Check_MK but for now, I just need Nagios set up and running as it has been so I can continue with some major VMware Host upgrades and changes to the host running our current Nagios VM.  The RaspberryPi solution is much more flexible than maintaining a virtual machine just for Nagios.

Thanks for the heads up that it is intended behavior.  Bear with me as I learn a new way of managing all that Nagios can do. I can certainly appreciate the effort you have put into this whole package.  It really has made the setup much easier and far more user friendly than the old days of manually editing config files.  Aside from those minor issues, everything else seems to be working well.  The option to choose either/or would be nice at some point in the future.

I will be in touch on the forum if I run into any further issues,  and I will take some time to look through the rest of the content on your website when I get the chance.

Thanks again for all your help. 
Thanks Don.

Yeah, Nagios is a beast... so if you've made it through the horrible learning curve with a traditional Nagios server, it can be hard to get your head around the ease of a NEMS server... and you might find yourself in the wrong places  Smile

I'd highly recommend you look at Check_MK (already installed and running on your NEMS server) before you go resorting to the old-school Nagios Core method. The interface is significantly better, and it is more likely to be the direction I take with NEMS in the future.

As NEMS evolves I will consider the either/or option, but with NEMS 1.4 approaching fast, I feel like that will not be very likely. The idea is to make the UX incredibly good and modern, not stick with old paradigms just for the sake of fear of change (which I can fully relate to).

Try Check_MK, you might be surprised how quickly it can replace those features you're looking for in Nagios Core, and with such ease.

Enjoy NEMS!!

All the best,
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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