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Newbie Question

I was able to get plexpi 1.2 up and running without a hitch!! Then I had the bright idea of running “sudo apt-get update” & “sudo apt-get upgrade”. When I did this I was still able to see the external hdd connected to the raspberry pi 3, but was unable to load other items to the library because when I clicked on the hdd to point the plex to the right folder for music, it would not let me see any sub-folders on the external hard drive. I even tired typing the path to the folder in plex, but plex would not have it either. The hdd is formatted exfat, does this have anything to do with it? Not sure what to do from here.

By the way thanks for show & for all the help!

Best Regards,
Neah, PlexPi has supported exFat since 1.1. No worries there.

Is it too late to say "don't do that" ?  Smile

I'd suggest re-flashing 1.2 and stay away from the terminal. Ignore Plex notices about an update for now... I'll be rolling out an automatic update utility in a future release, so really you're just using the development version for now (which tends to break if you do something that is not supported... like a dist-upgrade)  Smile

Surely I could have numbered things differently... 1.2 is the 3rd development release, so it's quite beta still - but will work great as long as you don't do something I haven't anticipated Smile

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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