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Install on a 8GB PlexPi_1.2.img.zip I updated it.

Wow I log in with pi/plexpi1 and updated it with apt update and apt upgrade rebooted and Plex server did not say it has a update. So it updated Plex.

But then it did not see my videos any more. It was mounted on /media/pi/video on a 64GB stick.

To fix it I had to mount it on /media/video

I tested a DVD.mkv and it works some but it stops and then starts at about 30 sec plays and about 5 sec stops I guess.

I don't have hardware acceleration. I guess if it had it would work real good. I looked at Settings/Server and it don't have any "Use hardware acceleration when available" I guess it will be there for years yet.

Are they working on that?

-Raymond Day
I tested playing it on a nvidia shield the start paused just 2 little times but the rest then play with no pauses! So it works good with a DVD rip video.

Maybe the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ that just came out can play a 1080 video not sure. Or a blu-ray rip one.

Be nice if they get hardware decoding working on this!

-Raymond Day
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