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Aahhaha fair enough!!
I've checked the case you linked and it does have a fan. Did you already installed it? I'm concerned about the noise, I liked the pi because it's noiseless!
No, I linked to the fanless one. Just don't change the color... otherwise you'll be choosing one that has a fan. :)

The three fanless options are:

https://amzn.to/2Gu8VaZ (which I linked to)
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Thanks Robbie, I'll check how my 3B+ will perform in terms of temperature when I'll get it and decide if I need to move to an aluminum one too.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi Robbie,
I manage to install WebTools myself!!

This is how I did:
cd /home/pi/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Plug-ins/
wget https://github.com/ukdtom/WebTools.bundle/releases/download/3.0.0/WebTools.bundle.zip
unzip WebTools.bundle.zip
rm WebTools.bundle.zip
sudo chown root:root -R ./WebTools.bundle
sudo reboot

It's working flawlessly!!

If you want give it a try so you can maybe include it in next releases!

Look at you go! Well done. Yeah, I added WebTools to the coming feature list. :) Thanks for pointing it out.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Hi Robbie, just to let you know that you were totally right about the temperature! 

I got my B+ yesterday and I was able to set it up easily to the status of my old B in terms of installed software.

But since yesterday I've already experienced 2 complete freezes, forcing me to pull the plug to restart it. One detail I have to add here is that I forgot to stick the rubber feet under the case, so it was flat on the furniture and I think this also didn't allow a good cooling. I've mounted them now, hoping this could help a bit.

The performance increase is cool (I also got a better SD that I think makes the difference) and oddly enough the normal running temperature is lower than the old one but I think that this overclock they did is not stable enough (or maybe we're pushing it too hard  Big Grin )

So 3 questions:
1) Would you consider enabling overlooking in the raspi-config menu? I was thinking to underclock it a bit, maybe 1.3 for the sake of stability.
2) Have you experienced the same in terms of freezes or should I be worried that I got a faulty pi/SD? Please note that I l'm still using the official  plastic case of my old B. 
3) Does the aluminum case you suggested before with the heat sinks guarantee an adequate cooling? For me the most important thing is that it should never freeze so I'm always able to restart it remotely if it's overloaded. 

EDIT: For two days in a row I found the PI shutdown itself overnight. Any advices on how to troubleshoot it? Like running some script that produces a log I can check after restarting it?

EDIT 2: I noticed that it reboots around 2.2am. at 2am is scheduled a cron job as root to execute /usr/local/share/plexpi/plexpi-scripts/plexpi-update.sh.
This script contains 
cd /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Resources/Plug-ins-f54242b6b/category5.bundle/
git pull

but the folder Plug-ins-f54242b6b/category5.bundle doesn't exists.

There's also no Exit 0 command.

Could it be this the cause of those reboots?



I'm enjoying using PlexPi on my RP 3B+.  Thanks!

I thought I'd pass along this observation that I didn't see mentioned in other parts of this forum.

Using xRDP (installed) to remote desktop into my PlexPi server, I noted that you can't start a chromium-browse session from the desktop session.  

That's because chromium-browse is already running in another space (the default session).

The easiest way to get chromium to run in a remote session is to pkill chromium-browse and then try launching a new session from the remote desktop session.  I know this works in xRDP and I assume the same holds true for other VNCs.

I think you can also set up a "clean session" for the xRDP session, but that's more involved and means creating a new user and more trouble than I want to go to.  Big Grin
You can enable VNC with raspi-config menu and then, after a reboot, login to VNC with pi and close the chromium browser.

another update from this morning: The pi didn't freeze tonight, but I couldn't ssh into it (I got connection established and then disconnect). The temperature wasn't high at all. After a while, it froze with host unreachable while trying to ssh and it disappeared from the router.

I've tried to connect it with HDMI to my telly but nothing happened.

Could it be a faulty power adaptor?

Any suggestions?
a brief update: I've installed watchdog to reboot in case the system got frozen.

I'm experiencing 2-4 reboots per night, but at least now th PI is always reachable.

EDIT: They seems to be connected to the PMS maintenance jobs as I moved the window from 2am-5am to 6am-9am and now the reboots have moved accordingly.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot it?

Hi there,

I like plexpi so much.
Would be great if, in a next version of plexpi, I could also use it as a hotspot wifi plex server, when the RPI is not connected to my home network, for using my RPI outside (like camping or in my car). I could connect with my iPad, android tab, smartphone, even my notebook.
An idea of doing that :

Thanks for plexpi
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