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[RESOLVED] My NEMS 1.3 locking up

It has been a while but I have been working with Robbie to resolve this stability issue... 
It's a long story (as Robbie can testify too) but I think the problem was multi pronged.

My assessment of the main issues:
  • There was an issue with my RPi 3.  Testing proved nothing but I replaced it wit a new RPi 3 B+.
    After the replacement I pulled down the old RPi 3 and physically examined it.
    I found that over a year or so the FAN that I had installed intentionally to blow air onto the CPU had left dust on the board.
    I live in the Tropics and Pi's location is air Conditioned for the hotter months 30+Celsius.
    I cannot say definitely but am guessing that this could have contributed to it falling over under load after 24-36 hours

    In my new RPi 3 B+ I reversed the fan to suck rather than blow hoping that this will not have the same dust effect

  • NEW RPI 3B+ has now been up for 48 hours and metrics are good.

  • There were a few software issues that were identified ( I will let Robbie expand here if he wishes) but NEMS is now better for having done this exercise.

A big THANK YOU to Robbie for his dedication to helping resolve this issue.

I will report back to the forum after a week or so to give a final update.

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Thanks for the update Ron!

I absolutely adore seeing the load average graph on your Pi 3 B+. That shows pretty clearly the advantage of the B+ for NEMS.

Glad we were able to nip your stability issues in the bud!

Regarding my two cents about the little software "glitches" here and there, I'll just say two things: 1) read the changelog (hehe) and 2) Ron is a very good, thorough troubleshooter. The whole community owes you a debt for helping with some little UX tweaks I may not have caught on my own.

Thanks Ron,
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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