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Thank you Robbie!

So I'm new to this whole Pi thing and I really just bought it on a whim, however I soon realized that it could work out as a pseudo HTPC which I've always wanted to have. I have been using Plex Media Server for a short while and had a dedicated USB external drive I was using but in order to access those files I had to keep my high power usage desktop on all the time. I didn't like that, nor did I want to have to boot it up every time I wanted to access the files.

Enter Raspberry Pi3. What an incredible little machine. But I'm a complete NOOB regarding Linux or any other coding. I read (and watched) a ton of stuff to manually put Plex on my Pi3. I was able to bring up the Plex interface but couldn't find any of the files that I'd written to the external USB drive. After a good amount of frustration I finally stumbled upon Category 5 TV. I watched the video with Robbie and Sasha and with a little more digging was soon up and running and now have my videos accessible to all the devices on my network.

The package (1.2) that he's put together is amazing for those of us who don't want to do the heavy lifting (I actually spent several hours of heavy lifting but still came up short) and I just came on here to say thank you Robbie. If you're reading this you probably already know the value of the package he's put together but I just wanted to go on record to say thanks and will be perusing these web pages to become more educated on the whole Plexpi thing.

Aww, that's so kind! Thank you for the high praise. I love the positivity PlexPi seems to have sparked in the community, and it really makes me feel like once again, I've hit on something that was really needed for users such as yourself. It's also cool that my little projects can help get you interested in Raspberry Pi and maker electronics!

Enjoy PlexPi! It's still in its infancy, but working quite well for what it is (a very low-powered HTPC server!)  Smile

Thanks again for your kind words.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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