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Plex Pi 1.3 Running Great on my 3B+

Just loaded V. 1.3 on a new Pi 3B+ and its running great.  Though I haven't really performed any benchmarks, the new Pi seems significantly faster loading songs.  Perhaps the upgraded .31 gig ethernet is paying off (or is it the shiney new toy/ placebo effect????)

My fancy, aluminum FLIRC case doesn't seem to work with new 3B+  - the internal post appears to be a couple of millimeters too long so the top doesn't fit flush - so I'm looking for a nice new case.  Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestons?

what changes have been made from version 1.2.
Glad to hear it's working well! This is promising. Definitely the additional CPU power + ethernet speed will make a huge difference for PlexPi.

My case recommendation is the passive eleduino. Check out the hardware kits at https://nemslinux.com/hardware and just get the case (no need for the whole kit). That's my personal fave.

voyager1972 please see the changelog.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Another thumbs up for PlexPi running on a 3b+.

I have to cut a notch out of the plastic case I was using for the 3b to make the new 3b+ fit. Not so easy with aluminum :/
Seriously, technograndad? Which case, if I may ask? Would be good to know.

Glad PlexPi is running well for you on your new SBC!!

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Ha Smile  It's a nickname I chose 22yrs ago when my 1st grandchild was born. And yes I now have a 5 yr old, and I've always loved techno music. Who doesn't, eh? 

The case is a shiny plastic one with a Raspberry logo on top, bought a few weeks ago. I'll take and post a photo when I can. I had to nibble a small piece from the lower section with a craft knife to make the pi 3b+ to fit.
Haha, I meant "seriously" re the case not fitting - not "seriously" re. your nickname!! I like the nick.

But I don't like cases that don't fit - haha!

Looking forward to seeing the picture so I can see which one is not compatible without the slight mod.


Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:

I tried mounting my 3B+ in a clear Canakit case and the four POE pins interefere with the middle piece of the case (the gpio slot in the case doesn't accommodate the four additional pins)  preventing it from snapping  to the bottom piece of the case.


I see Canakit now has a 3B+ with a clear case so they may have corrected the problem.

I took Robbie's advice and bought an Eleduino case for the 3B+ that should arrive tomorrow.

Now that I have the B+ for Plex Pi, a 3B running Volumio with a Hi-Fi Berry Pro DAC, I'm thinking I'll keep my other 3B in the clear case and use it as my Pi to tinker with.  

I've gone from zero to a full scale Raspberry Pi patch in less than six months!

So Robbie, I've been intrigued with the Pi Zero - so small and cheap.  Any chance a stripped down version of Plex Pi would run on it?  (Depending on your answer, my patch may grow further!
Glad to inspire  Smile

Neah, the Pi Zero is great for embedded projects... controllers, perhaps, or extension arms of existing servers (eg., to run the display) but not powerful enough for PlexPi.

Hope you love the eleduino case! It's definitely my favorite for my permanent Pi installs (as opposed to the ones where I need to rip them apart all the time for dev).
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
Thanks for the case suggestion Robbie.  I tried the Eleduino aluminum case.  It's very well built, but I didn't like the fact that there are no ventilation holes.

I ended up going with the  Enokay clear case since it does have at least some ventilation holes in the front cover.  (I've been ssh'ing into the PlexPi 3Plus using  the 

vcgencmd measure_temp 

command and it to seems to be staying in the low 50's C. That sounds like a reasonable sustained temperature to me.


On a totally different note, I was trying to figure out what to do with my extra Pi 3B - I hate to see it just sitting there playing paperweight-  and I came across a discussion of doing realtime flight tracking with Pi-Aware.  Seemed interesting enough to give it a try.


Though I thought I'd need to create a new sd card, I simply used the terminal command from the Pi and downloaded the distribution to the 64gig card already installed.  

I happened to have a Noo-Elec SDR dongle and antenna sitting around and plugged it in, hooked up a power supply and connected the antenna.  Voila: in about 10 minutes and using existing parts, I'm tracking planes going over my house.  

In an 90 minutes, I've already captured 250 planes with a six inch antenna sitting on my window sill.  Crazy!


In a total of about 10 days, I've gone from zero to running three dedicated Pi's.  Should I be worried?  Perhaps it's time to get outside and go ride my bike and enjoy the Spring weather.  Too much Pi(e) without some exercise is never a good thing.  

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