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SNMP help

How do I set up my Nagios for SNMP monitoring? I want to add routers and switches, but do not see how to do it, I have researched and do not see how to!
Hi adanbmx,
This is something I've yet to document. Perhaps if you gave examples of what you'd like to do (or perhaps specific devices) it'll help the community be able to assist. I hope to further the documentation during the 1.4 cycle (which starts in May).
All the best,
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Ok, I have figured a lot of with 3x days of research, I have some of it working using Check_MK. However, SNMP-MIBS section I get an error. 

I also get an error when attempting to use activate my pending changes( It has an error but it does update the info)

All I am trying to do is add some MIB and or OID's that is for some of my work equipment ( Not cisco.... Terrasat Satcom BUC)

I have attached screenshots of the errors.

Nconf seems even less user-friendly on adding anything that is not part of the default pre-made templates.

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Any help?
Hi adanbmx,
Apologies but my schedule is mad at the moment. Please bump this thread if nobody in the community has been able to help within a couple weeks and I'll hope I can help.
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
I am also interested in getting SNMP working.  I have a few family commitments over the next few weeks but after that I am hoping to get into this further than what I have done so far.
So Far I have got 3 checks working on my Synology NAS. UPS run Time, Upper Voltage and Lower Voltage checks.
There are more elegant ways of loading MIBS into /etc/snmp/snmp.cfg but I don't yet have the knowledge to do that so just did the following.

My first objective was to monitor the UPS that was connected to the NAS and after that maybe more but first things first.

My process was
  1. Enable SNMP on the NAS. 
  2. From NEMS I then did an snmpwalk of the NAS
     snmpwalk -v 1 -c public <nasipaddress>
    This yielded me the OID's
  3. I then had to decode this.  I found a web site that gave me an insight into the MIB http://www.oidview.com/mibs/6574/SYNOLOGY-UPS-MIB.html
    This allowed me to dig out the parts that I was interested in.
  4. In NConf I was able to then add the check_snmp command. 
    The example checks Battery Run time of the UPS...

    The arguments are at the bottom of the NCONF page ...

    The Syntax is

    -o <OID)
    -w @<lower limit>:<upper limit>
    -c @<lower limit>:<upper limit>
    UPS Battery Run Time
    -o -w @1000:1500  -c @500:800
    This will warn me when run time is between 1000 and 1500 seconds and send a critical alarm when between 500 and 800 seconds.

    See attachment to see it working.
    I hope this helps.

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in my opinion you must add some more MIBS installing:

sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader

and after you dont have any problem for missing MIBS.
Hi dptec,

Yes I agree that that would be the ideal situation but Robbie is putting out images with NEMS and this means that if you do any additional installs or configs then this can interfere with the stability of NEMS. He has stated this in other threads so I have steered away from this as I have had stability issues in the past when attempting this.  He suggests not even doing the updates in WEBMIN in one thread where I asked this question particularly.  I am not a "Linux" expert so only learn by reading what I can find and experimenting.

I am hoping that this subject might be explored more in NEMS 1.4 and documentation that is NEMS specific.
Robbie has been searching for people to contribute to this subject (and doco in general) so that we may all learn. 

If you have a procedure that you have used with success and would care to document it and send to Robbie then I am sure he (and I)  would be grateful.  

Hi Cheers,

Im agree with Robbie to dont upgrade outside the nems procedure if you dont know what to do, but if you want have an installation more complete you need take some risk, and remember what you have done in case of re-install.
Installing snmp mibs dont give you any troubble but enhance the possibility to control more devices.
May be we ask to Robbie to install in next image.
Hi dptec,
Yep I agree in the "risk taking" but at the moment I am travelling a bit and need to have a stable system to alert me to any host issues.
I have had issues that others don't seem to have found and reported them to Robbie who has then found bugs.

Yes I full support the idea of having Robbie have the "snmp-mib-downloader" as part of the image.  This would be great but I think his focus is the May 22 release of 1.4 NEMS.

I will be doing a wait and see with 1.4 as Robbie is saying that 1.3.x will be getting the same rolling updates and the only real difference between 1.3.x and 1.4 is that 1.4 supports more platforms.

That said, when he gets his head above water after the May 22 roll out of 1.4 then we might stand a change to have the "wish list" considered but at the moment he is just a tad busy Heh heh. 

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