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Unable to Connect

Hi Robbie,

I burned Plexpi 1.3 using Etcher onto micro SD card which went fine. I put the micro SD card into my Rasberry Pi 3 B. I connected to Cat 5 into my router and powered on.

I am now on my Windows 10 Laptop and attempting to access the Plexpi by typing in the IP address that my router lists as plexpi

If I type into my browser, I get an Unable to Connect message.

If I type into my browser, I get a white screen and the Plex Icon in the address bar, but nothing else.

If I use CMD line to ping I get good reply, no losses, so it's there, I'm just not able to see anything in my browser.

Using Firefox 59.0.2

Any ideas?

Hi Andy,
The correct URL in your case is

I'm working on a better interface which will come out probably with 1.4.

All the best,
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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If you are having the same issue as me (which it sounds like you are) then your plexmediaserver service is not running.  And I have not been able to figure out why.  I ran some suggested commands, but never heard back as to the solution.
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