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Root password?

What is the root password on the plexpi?  I need to get into the root directories to change a file?  Not the pi and plexpi1.
you can use sudo before the command to act as root when you're logged in as pi.

I'm actually interested in the question anyway since I'm seeing a lot of attempts to connect to my ssh as root so I just wanna double check if the root password is strong enough.
I don't know what the pi user or root passwords are, but you can set new ones for yourself and for safety sake. Just like what was previously pointed out. Here are the instructions to do so:

while logged in as pi (default when the plexpi starts up)
Open Terminal
type "su -i" which will switch you to the root user
type "passwd" and set a new password for root
type "passwd pi" to set a new password for pi
once, you've finished making your changes and no longer need the root user access, just type "exit" to switch back to pi

Hope that helps.
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