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[EDITED] Giving up on Plexpi! [My MISTAKES]

I have reformatted and reinstalled the image 3 times and the server simply will not run.  I get a good format and install from my iMac - all 3 times, but the login to Plex will simply not work because the plexmediaserver service will not run.

I am not an expert on Linux, but I have installed several different things on several different pi's and know how to do some trouble shooting and follow directions, but don't seem to be able to get this one.

Perhaps when the release is official and the forum get responses somewhat speedily, I will give it another try.

Robbie I love the idea and look forward to seeing what Plexpi becomes.


I want to apologize to Robbie and to those who tried to help me!  The problem wasn't the software, or my microSD card or the many attempts I made to reformat and retry.  The mistake was mine!  I out one of my Pi's and and read B+ and thought I was on the 3 B+ and I was not.  I was on the Model B+ V1.2!

Yes, I feel stupid and debated whether to just run away with my tail between my legs, but thought that admitting my mistake might just keep some other pour soul from trying to install PlexPi 5 times on the wrong device! (At least I am determined and I seldom give up Smile

So on to getting my old Home Run to record live TV!

BTW - I changed my Pi to boot to terminal - how to I get it to boot back into the interface?

Thanks for listening and trying to help!
I know it's most unlikely, but have you tried to download the 1.3 image again and/or try a different memory card? I'm not an expert, but pretty much everyone here just flashes it and plugs it in and it works straight away, so there must be a flaw in your process.
I really appreciate your reply.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of help in this forum yet.

I have downloaded and reinstalled 3 times so far.  The 32GB Micro SD is/was working fine for my DJI Mavic pro.  HOWEVER, I will try another Micro SD and give it another whirl one last time Smile

Thanks again.
OK 4th attempt:

1.  Different Micro SD card
2.  Unzipped the image this time to see if that would make a difference
3.  Burned image with Etcher with success
4.  Put in Raspberry Pi and booted
5.  Same results!

Cannot access not Localhost (should be the same thing).

NOTE: I am doing all of this with a iMac - but that shouldn't make any difference once the SD is placed in the Pi.  I am also behind an Apple Extreme router 

I am assuming this is a rare problem since I have received no workable solutions yet.
Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you trying to connect to or localhost PMS from your Mac?

Have you tried to connect to http://YOUR_PI_INTERNAL_NETWORK_IP:32400/web ?
Yes, I have tried them all :)

localhost (ip)

I can ping localhost and the ip - but when you add the port - no luck! And I have gone into my AirPort Extreme and made sure port 32400 is open etc.
However, the problem is that plexmediaserver.service will not run without errors.
When you ping localhost from your Mac you're actually just pinging your Mac itself Smile

Can you confirm from your router which ip has been assigned to your raspberry pi? There should be some kind of network map and your raspberry pi name is plexpi.
Yes, I have confirmed that it is, and tried to no avail.
Yes, I have confirmed that it is, and tried to no avail.
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