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Plex Server Name & Other Nitnoid Stuff

Just installed PlexPi.  My hardware is as follows:
Raspberry Pi 3B+ with latest Raspbian
Connected via Ethernet
Media is being held on three separate WD Live Clouds; all automount at boot.
No issues accessing media, remote or locally.

Problems encountered thus far:

Right at boot up, after the 4 Raspberries appear, I get a one-line error about parsing 4 digits of Octel?  Sorry, it flashes so fast hard to catch it.

The Plex Server name keeps changing back to the name for the RPi.

Whenever I reboot the RPi, it brings me back to the Plex screen for Server setup, rather than the regular dashboard.  My info is still there, but it is an irritant to have to go through the four screens again.

Resolved/IFM:  Can not claim the server on RPi but can on my desktop -- but it does not stay claimed after reboot.

Not sure if bugs or documented issues elsewhere.  Other than these few niggling issues the system appears solid.
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