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PlexPi Locks Up After A Few Hours While Idle

Installed latest image and was able to view media without issues.  Watched several movies and all was well.  

Then after the device sat idle for a few hours it would lock up, could not access device via PlexPi or VNC.  Power off/on all is well,  then a few hours of idle and again it would lock up.  Any suggestions or ideas which logs to review?  

My hardware is as follows:
Raspberry Pi 3B+ with latest Raspbian
Connected via Ethernet
Media is being held on three separate WD Live Clouds; all automount at boot.
No issues accessing media, remote or local.
Further experimentation:

Left a Windows client running from 2100 until 0700 the following morning.  It played a video and then sat idle the rest of the night but logged in.  Scheduled tasks set 0200-0500.

At 0700, PlexPI was still up and online.

Shut down the client.

Checked an hour later,  PlexPi had locked up again forcing a restart.

Something is causing an issue when PlexPi is not being used that results in the lockup.  Still cannot locate a log.
Further testing has narrowed the timing of the lockup issue to a window of between 85 and 95 minutes.

So what is occurring at around 90 minutes that would cause the system to lock up?

The situation is a Schrodinger's cat scenario because there is no way to watch it happen because if I'm tied to the system it will not happen..... if I'm not tied to the system, it will occur but I can't see what is going on.
FWIW, I am seeing similar lock-ups after the RPi 3B+ sits idle for a while.  I have't extensively evaluated the timing but less than 2 hours seems consistent with my experience.

I would try flashing back the image but I just got it all set up with Samba mapping to my network drive and metadata loaded.

I ripped my DVDs into 1080P MKVs and the RPi just isn't up to streaming those files.  I could convert the whole library to MP4 but that would be a mess, especially with all the subtitles.  The RPi is fun but it's just not up to the demands of PMS and transcoding big H264 files.  With the routine lockups I'm disappointed, but will keep playing with it.
After playing with PlexPi for a bit, I was forced to give up because it was just too unreliable at this point.  I did perform a manual installation of Plex and it did not have the same lockup issue but it Had other issues.

Good luck with your project.
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